Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                                 November 2, 2010

In the month of November, we conclude our journey in the Season of Ordinary Time, and begin the Season of Advent.  It is a busy season.


It is the Season of All Saints (Halloween), and a time to remember those who have gone on to the Church Triumphant.  It is a time to remember those who gave us life, and those who taught us about life.  It is a time to give thanks for the lives of saints, that we have known, that contributed to the journey of faith, both for us, and the church.


It is a season of remembering.  November 11th used to be called Armistice Day, to commemorate the end of World War I. It was on the November 11th  on the 11th Day of the 11th Month at the 11th hour in 1918 that that War ended.  In the back of our sanctuary you can view the faded names of the members from our congregation who served in The Great War.  My grandmother’s brother was killed on November 9th a few days before the war ended, and Betty’s grandfather served in that war.  There is another plaque that honors members of our congregation who served in World War II.  It was after World War II, that this day of remembrance of our service men and women, changed to Veterans Day in 1954.  When I was young, I used to think it was a day to honor all of the veterinarians who worked and took care of all of the animals.


It is a time to remember to vote.  It is our responsibility to those who paid the price in blood, to insure that we live in freedom, and have the privilege and the right to vote in a free society.  It is our responsibility in and to community, and to those veterans, that we exercise that right to vote.

In the church, it is a time to remember the price paid in blood by Jesus for our eternal salvation and redemption.  It is in Christ that we have the freedom to live, as the people of God, and share the joy and the work of bringing in The Kingdom.


It is a season of Thanksgiving.  It is a time to give God the glory, and thanks in all things in this life.  It is thankfulness in the Harvest, and for the supply that God has given.  It is thankfulness for this life and time that we have.  It is in thankfulness that we may “run the race set before us”, and give thanks to God for the privilege.


So in this busy season we are still called to be the people of God, in the midst of the world, spreading the love of God to all we encounter.  We are to remember to give thanks in all things.  We are to remember we are called to make disciples for the transforming work of the world, and the bringing in of God’s Kingdom.


           Yours-In-Christ,  Jim








Prayer of Thanksgiving


           Who is the God of our fathers,             

           The ancient of days                                          

           Who with your mighty hand                           

           Has carried your faithful

           Upon the crest of the wave

           Of this tide of Time

           Through the deserts of our despair?                          

           You have tendered our thirst

           And sustained your people in all of their needs.

           Your strength and forgiveness                        

           Unites all generations within your faithfulness.

           I praise you lord for saving my soul

           For blessing my family whole,

           I shall praise your name                        

           All the rest of my days

           Your congregation shall give thanks as ages roll

           For you are the guardian of our soul                         

           And through all the ages reign.                       

           A-men.                                                                                                           JCG