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A quote of resolution:

“The Session of the First Presbyterian Church at Lockhart recognizes that the primary task of the Church is to lead men and women, young people and children to the commitment of their lives to Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, and to help them grow steadily in Christian character and service.  The most effective work done by the Church toward the accomplishment of this primary task is done through the church school.

A service which is of infinite and eternal importance, is rendered by the teachers, leaders, and officers of the church school.  They therefore deserve the respect and gratitude of the whole Church.

The following named persons have served on the staff of our church school during the past year, in the positions as indicated: C.A. Bell, superintendent, W.G. Barker, Asst. Supt., M. Lancaster, Secretary, Mrs. H.L. Burnake, pianist, and the teachers of the various classes.”


From the minutes of the Session Sept. 23, 1951   J.M. Patton Clerk of the Session


“And requested the Clerk of the Session read this action and resolution to the Sunday School in session on Rally Day, Sept. 30, 1951.”