Bible and cross graphic, christian clip art image      Letter from Pastor Jim

In the month of September, we continue the season of Ordinary Time. It is also a season of change and learning.  It is a time when the heat of summer finally begins to ebb, and the days become cooler. When I was in what is now called middle school, our family lived in Nebraska, just south of Omaha. I remember that it was in September that Fall really began, and we had our first temperatures in the freezing range. The air was crisp and so much cooler than the hot humid summer. The leaves began to turn in their colors, and the gardens were just about finished except for the onions, and the spinach.  It was the beginning of the school year and a return to classes. September is also a time of leaving and new beginnings. When our young adults go away to college and begin the part of their life that brings the beginnings of independence from the family. This time is hard, both as a parent and as the young adult, sending them off for the first time, because it is the beginning of the testing of their independence. We wonder and pray that all we have tried to teach, and all that they have learned has become a part of their character and personality. We pray that they remember the values taught at home.  It is a return to the season of learning and the beginning of preparation for the harvest. It is also a season of activities. It seems that we try to cram more things into this season than everything else.  It is like the final growth spurt before the harvest when the ears on the corn become fully developed. The young adults in school have so many more activities to be a part of football, band, study sessions, dances, and reconnecting with friends. The parents are involved with the support activities: boosters, band parents, and shuttling work schedules with school schedules. It feels like we all go into hyper drive in this season.

Even in the church, we see the increase in activities, yet with all of this activity, we need to remember the priorities in all of this organized chaos. We need to remember to take time for the time that counts the time we spend in the fellowship of the congregation, the time to help sustain each other in the process, the time we take to pray and be in the fellowship of the church. The Greek word for this is Kronos: it is the time that counts. It is a time to remember who we are in the midst of all the activity, and whose we are in the midst of the change and learning. It is a time to remember that with the learning there are fixed values that we need to remember as Christians. Values that are reflected our behavior in the midst of this season of change and activity. In the crush of all the activity, it is good to remember that football is only a game, and not the source of life. The events in which we participate are times when our true character as Christians should be evident in our behavior. As a community in Christ, we are called to be caring and careful in our actions and our responses. We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ to those around us. We are called to make a difference and reflect the example of The One who calls us into service, and to action, in the midst of the activity and the chaos that is all around us. It is in this season of change and learning that we are called to be the people of God, in the midst of the world, spreading the love of God to all those we encounter.

Yours-In-Christ, Jim




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