Sermon at First Presbyterian Church Lockhart

"The Light Shines In The Darkness"

December 24, 2009

by James Greene


††††† As we came into the Sanctuary tonight, we passed under the stained glass window that reads ďLux Lucet In TeberisĒ translated -"The Light Shines In The Darkness"

It is from The Gospel of John 1:5.It is the focus and the call of this church.It is also the focus of our anticipation in this Season of Advent.Truly Christ is our Light that Shines In The Darkness.We live into the of coming of Emmanuel (God With us), of The Christ, who is The Messiah, The One who comes not to redeem just Israel, but all people, and reconcile and redeem The Creation.Emmanuel is The Light that Shines in The Darkness.†† He is The Light that comes into the world illuminating Godís Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love with His coming.

Emmanuel is that Hope.He is The One, that comes into history, and into our lives teaching the radical Hope of God for all people.He is The One that shines in and through our lives to,all those around us.

Emmanuel is that Peace.He is The One, that comes to us, in our chaos, and brings His calming presence that brings us rest.He brings Godís Peace that lives within us.It becomes our Peace.It is Godís Promise and Presence --- with us and within us.It is Christís Peace that we share with,all around us.

†††††††††† Emmanuel is that Joy.He is The One, that calls us to Rejoice in the Lord always.

He calls us to be a walking hymn of praise to God.It is part of our character and identity; it comes from the core of our very being, and we are called to take it with us and to share it.

Emmanuel is that Love.He is The One, that demonstrates Godís unfailing love towards us. We must be willing to engage in Godís Love and show Godís Love, in the preaching of our lives, letting Godís love work through us, to those around us.


It is Hope, in The One who loves us, saves us, and redeems us.

It is Peace, in His calming Presence, that gives us the Peace of Christ, that is with us,

It is Joy, in Godís Gift, that comes from our heart, and we share it.

It is Love, in Godís greatest Intent towards us.It is our intent towards all people.

It is The Christ who comes to us, that is The Light that Shines in The Darkness.He is the fulfillment of Godís Promise to Creation.It is the relational experience, within the Trinity; it Guarantees the fulfillment of his Word; the fulfillment of Godís Promise to Creation.It is bringing full circle Godís plan. ††

We fulfill our purpose, as The People of God, in sharing Godís Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.We are to be Godís Light that shines in the darkness.It is the focus of our hearts.We are called to share Christís Light, to all around us, rejoicing in the light of God's SalvationÖ.

†††††††††† In the Name of Ö.†††† the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.Amen ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††